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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Nicholas Kristof, "For Obama’s New Term, Start Here": Coward!

As you will recall, New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof recently retweeted a message to more than a million people, stating "OBAMA Told the 2 Most Pig Like Lobbies, AIPAC & NRA, to Drop Dead in Same Month" (see: Notwithstanding withering criticism, Kristof continues to stonewall and refuses to explain his retweet.

Meanwhile, Nick continues on his merry way, and in his latest Times op-ed entitled "For Obama’s New Term, Start Here" (, he declares:

"So, President Obama, to fulfill the vision for your second term, how about redeploying the resources we’ve spent on the war in Afghanistan to undertake nation-building at home — starting with children so that they will no longer be limited by their ZIP codes."

Needless to say, Kristof doesn't explain how it might be possible to "redeploy" resources that have already been squandered on Obama's inane escalation of America's ground war in Afghanistan. Yes, Obama is finally talking about withdrawal, but he is also suggesting that the resulting savings will be used to reduce an unsustainable budget deficit.

Budget deficit? Federal debt of more than $16.4 trillion? Burgeoning health care costs? Crumbling American infrastructure? Persistent unemployment? What should come first?

As a Kristof look-alike once said, "What, me worry?"

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