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Friday, March 14, 2014

Fareed Zakaria, "Why (this time) Obama must lead": Do Something! Anything!

Plagiarizer, liar and Obama cheerleader (see: Fareed Zakaria has finally gotten around to acknowledging that "leading from behind" just doesn't cut it in the 21st Century.

In his latest Washington Post opinion piece entitled "Why (this time) Obama must lead" (, Zakaria concludes:

"I have generally been wary of the calls for U.S. intervention in any and every conflict around the world. But this is different. The crisis in Ukraine is the most significant geopolitical problem since the Cold War. Unlike many of the tragic ethnic and civil wars that have bubbled up over the past three decades, this one involves a great global power, Russia, and thus can and will have far-reaching consequences. And it involves a great global principle: whether national boundaries can be changed by brute force. If it becomes acceptable to do so, what will happen in Asia, where there are dozens of contested boundaries — and several great powers that want to remake them?

Obama must rally the world, push the Europeans and negotiate with the Russians. In this crisis, the United States truly is the indispensable nation."

Meanwhile, where was Obama last weekend while Putin was busy occupying the Crimea? As reported by Dave Boyer in a March 9 Washington Times article entitled "As Crimea falls, Obama takes Key Largo golf vacation, Biden hits Virgin Islands" (

"While Russia beefed up its forces in Ukraine and the U.S. unemployment rate ticked up slightly, President Obama was criticized for spending the weekend on vacation with his family at an ultra-exclusive private community in the Florida Keys.

Mr. Obama played two rounds of golf and luxuriated at the posh Ocean Reef Club in Key Largo, a solidly Republican enclave where members must have a minimum net worth of $35 million to join. The president, first lady Michelle Obama and their entourage traveled to and from the island in a squadron of five government helicopters, reportedly requiring a contingent of more than 50 Secret Service agents, before returning to Washington late Sunday."

One can only wonder what Obama has planned for this weekend. Perhaps after his relaxing stay at the Ocean Reef Club, he might want to consider a new speech on inequality . . .

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  1. What happened to all these people who've been carrying this elegant and talkative gentleman through his life like a precious vase.
    Can't they continue carrying him, so elegant and eloquent, for less than three years?
    How can you demand from this precious vase .... actions?