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Thursday, March 13, 2014

Jen Psaki Decries Islamic Jihad Rocket Attack Against Israel: No Mention of Iran

Yesterday, the Iranian-backed terrorist organization Islamic Jihad launched from Gaza a barrage of more than 60 rockets at civilian targets in southern Israel. In response, US State Department Spokesperson Jen Psaki declared:

"The United States condemns in the strongest terms today's rocket attacks into Israel by terrorists from the Gaza Strip. It is reprehensible that dozens of rockets have been fired today alone. There is no justification for such attacks. We call for these terrorist attacks to cease immediately. Israel, like any nation, has a right to defend itself."

Psaki failed to mention that the barrage follows the recent interception by the Israeli navy of a ship off Port Sudan containing a large number of long-range missiles (see:, which were being sent by Iran to Islamic Jihad for use against Israel.

For that matter, Psaki fails to mention any connection whatsoever between Iran and Islamic Jihad.

Heck, Psaki wouldn't possibly want to say anything that might interfere with Obama's "historic" negotiations with Supreme Leader Khamenei concerning Iran's nuclear weapons development program.

In that regard, she also wouldn't want to explore the "possibility" that Iran, and not Libya, was responsible for the Lockerbie bombing (see:

After all, if Obama does not succeed in making peace with the mullahs, what will he have to show in the way of a foreign policy legacy, or any legacy whatsoever for that matter?

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