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Sunday, March 2, 2014

David J. Kramer, "U.S. foreign policy comes home to roost with Russia’s action in Ukraine": Who Has Putin More Frightened, Obama or Pajama?

As aptly stated by David J. Kramer, president of Freedom House, in a Washington Post opinion piece entitled "U.S. foreign policy comes home to roost with Russia’s action in Ukraine" (

"President Obama faces the gravest challenge of his presidency in figuring out how to respond to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. How he responds will define his two terms in office, as well as determine the future of Ukraine, Russia and U.S. standing in the world. After all, if the authoritarian tyrant Vladimir Putin is allowed to get away with his unprovoked attack against his neighbor, a blatant violation of that country’s sovereignty and territorial integrity, then U.S. credibility, already damaged by Obama’s poor handling of Syria, will be down to zero. Allies won’t believe in us, enemies won’t fear us and the world will be a much more dangerous place. The White House statement issued late Saturday afternoon expressing 'deep concern over Russia’s clear violation of Ukrainian sovereignty' was woefully inadequate."

"Enemies won't fear us"? How can that be?

As you know, the White House released a picture of President Obama in denim and matching button-down shirt, one arm akimbo, sleeves carefully rolled up almost to the elbows, discussing with Putin the Russian invasion of Crimea. (I don't know the make of the watch.) Okay readers, kindly let me know which of the following two images has Putin more frightened:


I know it's a difficult question, but if I was forced to make a wager, I would bet on Pajama Boy.

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  1. Kerry's remarks about repercussions for Putin's act of aggression and threats of "a huge price to pay" will come home to roost when the US stock market opens later today. Wall Street hates fear. The Nikkei Index is already off by 2% over the last two trading days. Investors should brace themselves for a 'major correction' due to heightened tensions in the Ukraine.