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Saturday, March 1, 2014

Thomas Friedman, "From the Pyramid to the Square": JG Caesarea Proposes the First Ever President Exchange Program

You will recall that on Wednesday, Thomas Friedman told us in a New York Times op-ed entitled "Don’t Just Do Something. Sit There." ( that the Cold War had been won by the US. Providing a new rationale for isolationism in keeping with Obama's inaction in the face of genocide in Syria, a sycophantic Friedman wrote:

"But we should have learned some lessons from our recent experience in the Middle East: First, how little we understand about the social and political complexities of the countries there; second, that we can — at considerable cost — stop bad things from happening in these countries but cannot, by ourselves, make good things happen; and third, that when we try to make good things happen we run the risk of assuming the responsibility for solving their problems, a responsibility that truly belongs to them."

Or in other words, Obama should continue to issue warnings against the use of chemical weapons in Syria and violence aimed at unarmed civilians in Kiev, but the world should know that these admonitions have no teeth.

Well today, with Russian troops invading the Crimea, Tom Terrific is back with advice for Egyptian Field Marshal Abdul-Fattah el-Sisi and Russian President Vladimir Putin. In a New York Times op-ed entitled "From the Pyramid to the Square" (, Friedman recommends that Sisi and Putin together watch an Egyptian movie entitled "The Square," which "follows six activists from the earliest days of the Tahrir Square revolution in 2011 until the Muslim Brotherhood was ousted by Sisi in 2013." Friedman's conclusion:

"Sisi and Putin are long on stability but short on a politics of inclusion tied to a blueprint for modernity (and not just rising oil prices). Unless they each overcome their deficiencies, their countries will fail to fulfill their potential — and all their 'squares' will be stages for conflict, not launching pads for renewal."

Oh my goodness, the squares might not become launching pads for renewal! Does anyone other than President Obama take this balderdash seriously?

Friedman's latest noxious op-ed was written at a time when Putin was preparing to send troops into Crimea, despite a warning from America's Procrastinator-in-Chief that "there will be costs for any military intervention in Ukraine."

Where did Obama go after issuing this threat? Did he descend to the White House Situation Room? No way! Instead, he proclaimed "this is now officially happy hour with the Democratic Party" (see:

At least this time Obama didn't go to bed, as happened during the attack on the American consulate in Benghazi.

But more to the point, where is Tom's advice for Obama, after Obama threatened Putin with "costs"? Maybe Putin will be asked to foot the bill for the DNC's party?

My advice? You really want my advice?

First, Obama should send John Kerry to Kiev to negotiate with Putin another meaningless "framework" agreement (see: for purposes of discussing the crisis in the Ukraine.

Second, have you ever heard of international student exchange programs? Well, for the first time in history, I would like to propose a "President Exchange Program." Yes, you heard it right: On April 1, 2014, Obama would be sent to the Kremlin to officiate over Russia, while Putin would be installed in the White House for one year. Given that Obama doesn't speak Russian and Putin doesn't speak English, it might keep both these narcissistic nincompoops distinguished officials from continuing to make asses out of themselves over the coming twelve months.

Do you agree? Kindly hit the Google+ button on the upper right hand side of the web page, and I promise to personally talk with both Barack and Vladimir in order to implement this suggestion without further delay. Alternatively, click your heels together three times while saying, "I want to go home."

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