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Saturday, April 4, 2015

Iran: The US State Department's Fact Sheet Concerning the Lausanne Understanding is WRONG!

Iran's Fars News Agency is now reporting that Seyed Abbas Araqchi, Iran's Deputy Lead Negotiator in the talks, is saying that the US State Department's "fact sheet" detailing the Lausanne nuclear development understanding is inaccurate regarding the critical issue of sanctions. As reported by Fars News:

"This is a wrong impression about the Lausanne understanding," Araqchi told the state-run TV on Saturday.

"The Lausanne statement explicitly states that the sanctions will be annulled; all nuclear-related economic and financial sanctions will be removed in the first stage," Araqchi stressed.
He said the contents of the White House factsheet about the Lausanne agreements are wrong, and the statements made by  the (US State Department) spokeswoman are wrong too," Araqchi added.
He reiterated that economic sanctions and restrictions against Iran will be removed in the first stage of the implementation of the agreement.
"And if the Americans have an impression other than this, well it will surely be the topic of negotiations in the next round of the talks," Araqchi added.

Heck, Iran needs the money ASAP in order to fund its Hezbollah, Hamas and the Houthi proxies.

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  1. Is this not the same U.S.A. State Department whose previous Secretary HRC's motto became "What difference does it make?"

    Meanwhile, the original version of "Passion of the Christ" is being seen daily on cable tv. Not helpful - the 2005 edit that I saw made the Romans into the sadistic bad guys, The original really IS antisemitic. I was duped for ten years. Imagine the millions of Christians being duped in perpetuity by this one film.