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Monday, April 13, 2015

Ruth Marcus, "Hillary Clinton’s insultingly vapid video": What You Don't Know About Hillary Can't Hurt Her

In a Washington Post opinion piece entitled "Hillary Clinton’s insultingly vapid video," uber-liberal Ruth Marcus expresses "disappointment" with Hillary's announcement video:

"The more I watch Hillary Clinton’s announcement video, the less I like it. This may be putting it mildly.

. . . .

[T]he video was relentlessly, insultingly vapid — a Verizon commercial without the substance.

. . . .

[A]n announcement video isn’t the moment for a detailed policy platform, but it is, or should be, a venue for at least nodding to specific goals.

. . . .

Might I suggest, candidate Clinton? The best way to demonstrate your humility to voters is to take them and their presidential choice seriously, not to pander and condescend."

Apparently Marcus doesn't "get it," or doesn't want to "get it." Hillary Clinton is all about narcissism, condescension and entitlement, and the advisers of her $2.5 billion campaign have painstakingly determined that what you don't know about Hillary can't hurt her.

1 comment:

  1. Interesting that Marcus wrote "Verizon commercial" because everyone detests Verizon's customer service, and ATT has much more informative & better commercials.

    I expect re-runs of "Dynasty" to start appearing on cable, as if that would prepare Americans for the monarchy we thought we had avoided...