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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Thomas Friedman, "On Trade: Obama Right, Critics Wrong": Obama to Explain "How Any Workers Who Are Harmed Will Be Cushioned

In his latest New York Times op-ed entitled "On Trade: Obama Right, Critics Wrong," Thomas Friedman goes to bat for Obama's Trans-Pacific Partnership (Tom "leave[s] it to the president" to explain "how any [US]workers who are harmed can be cushioned"). Tom's explanation - this time - for his sycophantic support of the president:

"Because these deals are not just about who sets the rules. They’re about whether we’ll have a rule-based world at all. We’re at a very plastic moment in global affairs — much like after World War II. China is trying to unilaterally rewrite the rules. Russia is trying to unilaterally break the rules and parts of both the Arab world and Africa have lost all their rules and are disintegrating into states of nature. The globe is increasingly dividing between the World of Order and the World of Disorder."

Ah yes, a "rule-based world" in which Hillary and Bill have one set of rules, and all other Americans have another.


1 comment:

  1. the proposition that 2015 is "much like after World War II" is based on what?
    The post-WW2 institution meant to prevent war, the United Nations, is a failure.

    Well, scary enough that TomF is channelling 14th century traveller Ibn Battuta with the "World of Order and the World of Disorder" descriptor.

    The Rules. catchy.