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Sunday, April 26, 2015

Uranium One: Do Hillary and Bill Have a Joint Bank Account?

In a Politico article entitled "Bill and Hillary’s Excellent Adventure," Michael Hirsh writes:

"It’s clear that Bill Clinton played a very concrete role in his wife’s State Department and was so well briefed that, as one Obama administration official put it to me in 2010, “When they say on the seventh floor, ‘We need to run this by the president,’ the phrase doesn’t necessarily refer to Obama.”

Nonetheless, it is highly unlikely that very much of what [Peter] Schweizer alleges [in "Clinton Cash"] will stick, if only because that classic Washington omelette made of equal parts policy and political reasons can never be unmade once it’s cooked: Especially among the uber-cautious Clintons, you’ll never find the smoking ingredient; no one will ever be caught saying, “Let’s make a policy decision for Bill’s donors.”

Beyond that, because it is impossible to peer into the sanctum of any marriage—especially this one—we will almost certainly never get at the rock-bottom truth of whether Hillary Clinton ever even hinted at altering a policy in office because Bill Clinton told her he wanted it done for his Foundation. State Department and Clinton Foundation officials say they never pried into those conversations.

You wouldn’t find it even in those deleted emails."

Or stated otherwise, if knowledge of Bill's conduct cannot be attributed to Hillary, Hillary cannot be held accountable.

To which I would answer: Hillary must prove that she did not benefit from Bill's lucrative speaking engagements, e.g., the $500,000 which, according to the Becker and McIntire article in The New York Times, was received "for a Moscow speech from a Russian investment bank with links to the Kremlin that was promoting Uranium One stock."

Or stated otherwise, Hillary must provide documentation showing that the payments to Bill were not deposited in a joint bank account. It's that simple . . . or perhaps not that simple.

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  1. Remember June, 2013: "...Jewish National Fund will not pay the $500,000 fee for former President Bill Clinton to speak at an event honoring Israeli President Peres..." ??

    Quite an uproar from JNF donors stopped that half mil$, but, consider what happened to Israel 'policy' since then. Coincidence, or not?

    As for that joint checking account? The NYT actually criticized Hillary for spending >20MILUSD on flowers, limos, & lunches during her 2006 Senate campaign.
    Those habits never stopped.
    Follow that florist money!