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Monday, April 13, 2015

Is John Kerry to Be Awarded an Honorary Doctorate From Clown School?

You can't make this stuff up:

On Sunday, John Kerry told "Face the Nation":

"The Russians, who are not our usual allies, released a statement saying that what we have put out in terms of our information [i.e. fact sheet] is both reliable and accurate."

Well today, Kerry called Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov to complain about Moscow's decision to sell advanced S-300 air-defense systems to Iran. Lavrov is claiming that the Lausanne "framework understanding" makes the sale permissible. Kerry disagrees.

I guess that Kerry and Lavrov are not on the same page concerning the American fact sheet after all.

Moreover, you can be certain that if Iran violates a final nuclear agreement, the Russians will be there to help reinstate, i.e. "snap back" as Obama puts it, sanctions . . . not. Why won't the Russians agreen to reinstate sanctions? Because the end of sanctions is what will allow Iran to pay for its expensive new Russian air defense systems.

No, John, you're not in line for a Nobel Peace Prize; however, you just might be receiving in the mail an honorary doctorate from clown school.


  1. They don't call State "the best sales reps of the arms industry" for nothing. The absolute best deals are when we get to sell to both sides of the conflict, then after regime change, we get to reap the peace dividends!

  2. In the good 'ol days, we needed arms dealers like 'Yuri Orlov' to get the job done. Now we get to cut out the middleman altogether by doing away with embargoes altogether when an opportunity arises!
    Anyways, this is how it used to work:

  3. It is the great paradox of history: Russia always playing Persia against the 'west'.

    Kerry must have a recurring nightmare wherein Lavrov goes to Oslo...

    Maybe Khamenei has nightmares that all that Russian technology is booby-trapped with a secret pig grease formula.

    Obama is betting the American electorate still thinks Iraq is Iran because no one teaches geography anymore... (he would definitely bomb Texas into the stone age just to stop fracking)