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Saturday, November 7, 2015

Gail Collins, "Hillary in History": History or Mystery?

Providing a history of women running for high office in the US in her latest New York Times op-ed entitled "Hillary in History," Gail Collins begins by observing:

"Once again we’re wondering whether Hillary Clinton will make history by becoming the first woman president."

"We're wondering"? Meaning you and I, Gail? I don't think so.

I would love to see a qualified female president (I would also love to see a qualified male president). However, regarding Hillary, I wonder - are you ready for a run-on sentence - whether this latter-day Lady MacBeth, with no accomplishments under the belt of her pantsuit, still "married" (if you can call it that) to a philander for non-nuptial benefit, can make history by returning to the White House, from which she was forced to return $114,000 of "china, flatware, rugs, televisions, sofas and other gifts" the first time around.

Yes, that would indeed be precedent setting, i.e. a new milestone marking America's descent into the abyss.


  1. Meanwhile, as Netanyahu gets ready for his summoned meeting with 44, the White House is finalizing their Middle East policy and it couldn't be further from Israel's own political agenda.
    If Netanyahu looks dazed and confused now, just wait until the SHTF on November 9.
    I wish someone at the Prime Minister's office had read Jeff's blog four years ago where I laid
    it all out in a comment on November 7, 2012.
    In summary, here's what I wrote:
    1. The US would cave in on Iran (DONE)
    2. The US would support a regime change in Israel (DONE; FAILED)
    3. The US would militarily 'castrate' Israel's ability to preempt an attack on Iran's nuclear facilities (DONE)
    4. The US would force Israel to make painful concessions in the name of 'peace'.
    (Palestinian prisoners with blood on their hands released under Netanyahu; 3rd Intifada underway - DONE)
    5. The US would NOT interfere in Syria's civil war (DONE)
    6. The WH would support the creation of a sovereign Palestinian state as a unilateral US-UN backed initiative
    (currently this is the #1 priority of the current administration. THIS will be Obama's true legacy; ~13 months to go).

    Here's a link to the original post - read the comments:

  2. "...“Ah, the dog’s gonna get it again — we all know that,” said Sherbrook, laughing. “I even voted for him. He did a good job; he never took any bribes, and he watches out for the community. ..."

    alas, no news if Duke, the very white Grand Pyrenees, won re-election, but he sure set a fine example during his first term as mayor.

    as for H Clinton making history? is not gender now an obsolete concept, so 19th century?

  3. [the Odems actually believe they will win with the transgender vote...and no electricity or heat from any carbon based fuel; the 2016 campaign, when History becomes HERstory, or WEDONOTKNOWstory:]

    "...We have reached a bizarre moment in our politics, where the “progressive” left resists having conservative speakers on a college campus because they make students feel “unsafe,” but insists that boys who identify as girls be allowed to shower with girls in the public schools, and misgivings must be educated away, or litigated into submission.

    We have also reached a moment where, whatever the majority of its voters may think, the Democratic party may be unable, as a practical political matter, to do anything but trumpet “transgender rights.” Have you seen Hillary Clinton’s denunciation of overreach by the Obama Education Department? We didn’t think so.

    Republican candidates ought to grab this issue with both hands. They should tell voters what the federal government is doing with regard to transgenderism in the public schools. They should promise to stop and reverse it. And they should dare Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders to join them in proclaiming: “No men in women’s bathrooms.” "


    Jorl Kotkin, in detail, on the Odem energy war, and platform for 2016, which has shattered the Clinton coalition from the 90's.