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Saturday, November 7, 2015

Maureen Dowd, "Poppy Bush Finally Gives Junior a Spanking": "All in the Family" Revived

Iowa and New Hampshire are still ahead of us, yet prevailing wisdom has it that Jeb is not going to win the nomination. Heck, he's not even going to cross the finish line in second place (if he finishes the race at all), and so it's time for Bush the Elder, 91 years old and not getting any younger, to air his grievances with W. in public before it's all too late.

Declaring in her latest New York Times op-ed entitled "Poppy Bush Finally Gives Junior a Spanking" that she's here "to help interpret the latest Oedipal somersaults of our royally messed up Republican royal family," Maureen Dowd goes on to say:

"Even for a Waspy American family with scorn for introspection and a long tradition of fathers not weighing in, choosing to let their sons make their own life choices, it’s remarkable that two presidents who went to war with the same Iraqi dictator can bluntly talk to each other only through a biographer."

Götterdämmerung? I wish I cared.

Meanwhile, Hillary, who also does not lack a sense of entitlement, is busy keeping us amused. Interviewed by Jimmy Kimmel on Thursday, Hillary declared that she would beat Bill if she could go up against him in an election. Charming.

Bill? Where's Bill? When asked in May where her husband was, Hillary replied, "I talk to him on the phone a lot." At least that.

Hillary, of course, is going to win the Democratic nomination, but if she gets beaten by Marco in November 2016, I can't wait to see how fast her "marriage" with Bill disintegrates. And if Hillary then opens up about the relationship in a new book, that could truly provide us with much needed levity.

Write the book, Hillary! This one I promise to read!

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  1. Saw Bill Clinton w/ H on tv at an event maybe 2 weeks ago. Looks and sounds frail.