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Thursday, November 5, 2015

Obama Cautions Canberra: Curb Kangaroo Farts

It is being reported today by Brooks Hays in a UPI article entitled "Scientists consider ways to curb kangaroo farts":

"Kangaroos produce a significant amount of methane, researchers found, just not as much as cows and sheep. Adjusted for body weight, the large marsupials are about as gassy as horses.

Methane is less abundant than CO2, but its greenhouse gas effect is more potent."

The Obama administration has responded to this worrisome news by threatening Australia with economic sanctions if it fails to curb this newly discovered source of global warming. Meanwhile, Iranian Foreign Affairs Minister Javad Zarif has proposed that the P5+1 reconvene in Zurich next week to discuss with him means of deflating this Australasian crisis involving natural gas.

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    "...un-burnt methane released into the atmosphere is a powerful greenhouse gas, 10% of our personal impact on the climate comes from the food refuse we put in our garbage bins that ends up decomposing under landfill. ...The Indian cylindrical pit design has become a popular choice around the world due to its reliability and simplicity. It comprises two basic parts: a slurry tank and a covered by a gas cap or drum to capture the gas released from the slurry. ..."

    hmm, methane flatulence from 50 million kangaroos + 58 million horses + 1.4 billion cows = 7.3 billion humans????

    diy methane generators makes a lot of sense before the world is covered in human poop