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Thursday, November 5, 2015

Question for Canadian Foreign Affairs Minister Stéphane Dion: What Makes for a "Legitimate Partner" in the Middle East?

Canada is preparing to throw Israel to the wolves. In an interview on Wednesday, Canada's new Foreign Affairs Minister Stéphane Dion stated:

"Israel is a friend, it is an ally but for us to be an effective ally we need also to strengthen our relationship with the other legitimate partners in the region. For example, we need to strengthen our relationship with Lebanon and this will help Lebanon but also Israel. To be helpful, you need to strengthen your relationship with the other legitimate partners and that is what we will do."

Dion's declaration follows on the heels of a conversation between Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu and Canada's recently elected prime minister, Justin Trudeau, in which Trudeau informed Netanyahu that there would be a "shift in tone" involving the two countries' relationship.

Questions for Mr. Dion:
  • What makes for a "legitimate partner" in the Middle East?
  • Must such a legitimate partner embrace democracy?
  • Must such a legitimate partner ensure the rights of minorities, e.g., Kurds, Copts, Baha'is and Christians?
  • Must such a legitimate partner cease condoning "honor killings" perpetrated against women?
  • Must such a "legitimate partner" provide equal rights and protection to gay people?
  • Must such a country act to prevent funding from being sent to the Islamic State?
  • And must such a "legitimate partner" refuse to provide a warm home to terrorist organizations such as Hezbollah (yes, I am of course referring to Lebanon)?

Care to answer, Stéphane?

1 comment:

  1. best to ask questions of Dion in French, which seems to be his only reason for mentioning Lebanon.

    How do you translate 'Enforce UNSC Res 1701' so that Dion/Trudeau actually listen?