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Thursday, November 26, 2015

Maureen Dowd, "King Kevin Versus Queen Cersei": Hillary Flip-Flops on ISIS

Today, in a "breath of fresh air" New York Times op-ed entitled "King Kevin Versus Queen Cersei," Maureen Dowd allows her brother Kevin to proffer his unabashed views concerning the Republican and Democratic candidates for president. With respect to Hillary Clinton, Kevin Dowd writes:

"The next president will have to deal with a severely weakened hand, at home and abroad. The bill for 'leading from behind' has come due. After the Radical Islam (dare I say thy name?) attack on France, the president who called ISIS 'contained' was left to issue his familiar disclaimer that Islam is a religion of peace. In dealing with foes, Clinton, in a 2014 speech at Georgetown University, called for 'trying to understand, and insofar as is psychologically possible, empathize with their perspective.' Note to Hillary: Any enemy with beheading as a menu item does not deserve empathy."

Hillary's 2014 speech at Georgetown? I think it's worth having a look at what came immediately before and after the words quoted by Kevin:

"This is what we call smart power: Using every possible tool and partner to advance peace and security. Leaving no one on the sidelines. Showing respect even for one's enemies. Trying to understand, and in so far as psychologically possible, empathize with their perspective and point of view. Helping to define the problems, determine the solutions. That is what we believe in the 21st century will change - change the prospects for peace."

Now have a look at what Hillary had to say to the Council on Foreign Relations one week ago:

"[T]ime is of the essence. ISIS is demonstrating new ambition, reach, and capabilities. We have to break the group’s momentum, and then its back. Our goal is not to deter or contain ISIS but to defeat and destroy ISIS.

But we have learned that we can score victories over terrorist leaders and networks only to face metastasizing threats down the road. So we also have to play and win the long game. We should pursue a comprehensive counterterrorism strategy, one that embeds our mission against ISIS within a broader struggle against radical jihadism that is bigger than any one group, whether it’s al-Qaida or ISIS or some other network.

An immediate war against an urgent enemy and a generational struggle against an ideology with deep roots will not be easily torn out. It will require sustained commitment in every pillar of American power. This is a worldwide fight, and America must lead it."

So which is it, Hillary? Respect, understand and empathize with ISIS, or, defeat and destroy these f*cking bastards? I suppose it all depends which way the polls are trending.

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