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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Anti-Semitism, The New York Times and Occupy Wall Street

All who read this blog know that The New York Times has a serious problem involving its lackadaisical response to anti-Semitic online readers' comments posted by this newspaper's so-called "moderators" (see, for example: Although the "moderators" of the Times will not tolerate publication of racist messages directed at other minorities, Jews have been deemed "fair game" and have had to suffer repeated vile expressions of anti-Semitism in response to New York Times editorial and op-ed content.

As such, it should come as no surprise that The New York Times and its op-ed pundits again have their heads in the sand with regard to the horrifying manifestations of anti-Semitism emanating from the Occupy Wall Street movement (see, for example: Deaf to these racist outbursts, we have heard nothing but adulation from the Times for those who, according to Democratic pollster Douglas Schoen, are calling for "redistribution of wealth, civil disobedience and, in some instances, violence" (see:

Yesterday, in an editorial entitled "The Mayor Confronts the Protesters" (, the Times went on record as saying:

"For the mayor, the test will now be how to make certain these important protests can go forward."

Yes, we really must make certain that "these important protests," which have been accompanied by rape, drugs and violence, go forward. And what do the pundits from the op-ed page of the Times have to say?

Brother Krugman, experiencing something akin to an orgasm (

"But I think the explosion of this movement really suggests that there were an awful lot of people who were just waiting for somebody to say it, and here we are, and it’s a wonderful thing."

Brother Kristof, outraged by the dismantling of the Zuccotti Park enclave by the police, which, goodness gracious, resulted in arrests (

"Now, New York City has legitimate concerns about sanitation and safety of the protests, but what came next seemed utterly over the top."

Brother Blow, marveling at the electrifying phenomenon (

"The protests have a Lollapalooza-like eccentricity and diversity to the crowds. Some come to revel in the moment. Others come to rage against the machine. But they are all drawn together by the excitement of animating a muscle that many thought had atrophied: demonstration and disobedience in the name of equality."

Brother Rosenthal, who apparently has a problem organizing his thoughts (

"There is great honor in simple protest, and Occupy Wall Street could decide to just keep on going as before, though perhaps from 9 to 5 instead of 24 hours a day. Protest movements helped end the war in Vietnam and compel deeply reluctant political leaders to finally enforce the Constitution’s promise of civil rights. Mr. Bloomberg may have the legal authority to take away tents and generators, but he has no right to stop rallies, speeches, marches, or drumming – and I can’t imagine he would try."

Brother Friedman, explaining what OWS is all about, given that these modern-day nihilists are bereft of a credo (

"And Americans are protesting what is legal — a system of Supreme Court-sanctioned bribery in the form of campaign donations that have enabled the financial-services industry to effectively buy the U.S. Congress, and both political parties, and thereby resist curbs on risk-taking."

In short, plenty of praise for these noble young men and women who would defecate on police cars, but no mention by these intellects of the attendant anti-Semitism. You see, it's all about banishing inequality, and it's okay if, along the way, the Jews must be sacrificed on the altar of egalitarianism, upon which, no doubt, one of the OWS protesters has already dropped a steaming turd.


  1. Thank you, Jeffrey. I was actually itching to nudge you to write about antisemitism of OWS.
    Have you noticed a new "heroic" face of OWS.
    An 84 woman who loved her Austria of Hitler and Himmler (and their friends) and left this "wonderful" country in 1956 (you know your chronology) as a woman in her late 20s only because the country was too bureaucratic.
    What she didn't love and eagerly participated in all neo-Nazi/Soviet/Arab oil sponsored activities against this object of her hate is... you guess it ... Israel.
    Many years ago, I promised to myself that I wouldn't judge the Holocaust survivors, and it's possible that this "activist" is somehow a survivor, but, frankly, I am ready to break my promise.
    It's painful to see this elderly sicko being used (again) by assorted antisemites.

  2. I am back. I am not sure that this "heroic" face is "Jewish." She signed an infamous list "Jews against Israel" or something like that, but a friend pointed out that often non-Jews sign such lists (a fraud IMHO). But if she isn't Jewish, the story is equally interesting. An Austrian who loves her country of Hitler, Himmler and Haider (she doesn't like Goebbels like all other Austrian "victims,"), hates Israel and is for OWS ...
    Hmmm ...
    Personally, I am intrigued by this "heroic" face. Look evil to me.