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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Gail Collins, "The Mitt Romney Pardon": More Gas From Gail

Another Thursday, and who would ever begin to imagine?: Another Gail Collins New York Times op-ed about Mitt Romney, entitled "The Mitt Romney Pardon" (

Collins is obsessed with Romney, and in past weeks, we have seen such winsome op-ed titles as "Mitt and Begonia-Gate," "The Curse of the Mitt," and "Mitt, Mitt, Mitt." She writes about Romney with even greater regularity than Roger Cohen writes of his own personal bugaboo, i.e. Israel. And then there is that lame "running joke" about Seamus the dog, which has her fans in breathless anticipation how she will introduce this twaddle into her next opinion piece.

As I noted yesterday, I think the current field of Republican candidates for president is an embarrassment, and I am sickened that Gingrich has become a frontrunner for the nomination. And yes, Romney is a notorious flip-flopper, but the Republicans do not have a monopoly on hypocrisy. Consider how Obama has reversed himself over the past three years:

• He promised to close Guantanamo.
• Although he has been a primary beneficiary of donations from financial institutions, he now sympathizes with OWS.
• Although he condemned Bush administration "extra-legal" behavior, he has actively engaged in targeted killings using drones and has come out in favor of "prolonged detention."
• He deviated from his timetable for withdrawing troops from Iraq.
• No escalated US ground involvement in Afghanistan.
• He promised to recognize the Armenian genocide, but now avoids the topic in order to pacify Turkey.
• With the economy in a tailspin, he has not kept his promise to create a path to citizenship for illegal immigrants.
• Although he signed an executive order restricting former lobbyists from working in his administration for at least two years, William Lynn, a former Raytheon lobbyist, was appointed Deputy Secretary of Defense.

But not a word about any of this from Gail. For her it's all about Seamus the dog. I wonder if during dinner parties she regales those around the table with this insipid story. I pity them.

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