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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Frank Bruni, "Gall in High Places": Kowtowing to Nancy Pelosi

In his New York Times op-entitled "Gall in High Places" (, Frank Bruni says of Herman Cain at Wednesday's Republican debate:

"Cain had no problem finding syllables. True, most of them were nine, nine and nine, but he also spat out 'Princess Nancy' without hesitation, hurling an insult at Nancy Pelosi that was childish and in poor taste.

How is it that he could be batting back charges of sexual harassment and yet gratuitously go after the highest-ranking woman in Congress — and choose sexist language to boot? As if following Berlusconi’s lead, Cain travels to the frontier where defiance meets delirium."

Well, I'm no fan of Cain and think that given the serious allegations of sexual harassment against him, he has no business running for office, high or low.

However, I'm also no fan of Nancy Pelosi, who, apparently unbeknownst to Bruni, is infamous for legitimizing Assad's homicidal regime in Syria. Assad, who has murdered thousands in Syria in recent months and caused thousands more to "disappear" until their bruised and broken corpses have resurfaced, was labeled a "model Arab leader" by Pelosi (see: Pelosi's "model Arab leader" also ordered the car-bomb assasination of Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik Hariri, a friend of the West, in 2005.

I suppose "Princess Nancy" is indeed sexist. Let's make that a gender neutral "Pinhead Pelosi" instead.

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