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Friday, November 18, 2011

Gail Collins, "Republican Financial Plans": Almost As Good As Obama's Deal With Tony Rezko

In her latest New York Times stink bomb, "Republican Financial Plans" (, Gail Collins would have us focus on the personal finances of the Republican presidential candidates:

"The personal finances of the G.O.P. presidential hopefuls are important for two reasons. One is that we’re talking about people who aspire to the most prestigious and important job the nation has to offer. The other is that these folks seem to have done really, really well. Perhaps, they can offer career tips."

Well, those who read this blog know that I wouldn't have my children seek career or other advice from any of these personages. However, in all fairness, I would also urge them to eschew Obama's road to wealth. There aren't any publishers waiting to pay them small fortunes for books about themselves, and there is little chance of parlaying funds from a novel that they might author in a sweetheart Chicago real estate deal with Tony Rezko.

In case you're wondering, Collins doesn't disappoint, and for the twenty-seventh time, she regales us with the Seamus story in today's op-ed:

"For instance, if you were a very wealthy father of five energetic young boys, would you choose to spend your vacation driving the whole family to Canada with the dog strapped to the roof of the car?"

Needless to say, I additionally wouldn't recommend that my children seek tips from Collins concerning a career in journalism.

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  1. Tony Rezko is scheduled to be sentenced on November 22, 2011 in the court room of Judge Amy St.Eve, after spending 3.5 years in solitary, no sunlight and only getting to see his family for 30 m. a week through plexiglass….His partner in Companion Security deal Daniel T. Frawley was scheduled for sentencing on Novemeber 21,2011 but was postponed again, for the 5th time. Tony Rezko’s most recent plea to the judge would indicate that the feds made false claims of his “full cooperation” in trying to lure others to come forward.
    Tony Rezko is cleary banking on a Presidential pardon but I don’t think he’s going to get one and here is why; Less than one month after Obama’s Presidential win Rod Blagojevich was arrested and charged with trying to sell the Senate seat. In order for Barack to rise above the scrutiny he hired Craig Greg to conduct an “INTERNAL investigation” which of course turned up ‘no wrong doing’…IT is very IMPORTANT to note that there was NO MENTION of Barack Obama’s phone call to Tom Balanoff of the SEIU where he conveyed to him his Senate pick of Valleie Jarrett and for Balanoff to act as an emissary between him and the Blagojevich camp. NOW here is the really good part…Patrick Fitzgerald summond Barack for an interview with 2 veteran FBI agents and 2 U.S. Attorneys..IMPORTANT: WHEN Obama and Craig arrived they gave the “internal investigation report” to the FBI/US Attorney, they gave it back to him and told him to “hold onto it until after the investigation is complete”…Craig GAVE IT TO HIM ANYWAY!!! It is now known that the feds knew and had recordings of everyone involved, they knew about conversations between Balanoff/Harris/ Blagojevich and others…WE know that Obama made no mention of this in his report…DID the feds ask him in this 2 hour meeting? Did Obama tell them the truth and release his false report to the public anyway? I have no doubt that Obama perjured himself in this meeting and this is why in BOTH trials of Rod Blagojevich his request for the 302′s to that meeting were denied by Judge Zagel even after Balanoff testified that he spoke directly to Obama…
    IF Obama grants Tony Rezko a pardon he will have to get permission from Patrick Fitzgerald first…