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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Dana Milbank, "Biden probably won’t beat Clinton. He should run anyway.": Care to See Gore, Kerry or de Blasio in the Oval Office?

In his latest Washington Post opinion piece entitled "Biden probably won’t beat Clinton. He should run anyway.," Dana Milbank takes the position that if Joe Biden runs for president, he "probably won’t beat Hillary Clinton," because "[h]e’s been a lackluster presidential candidate in the past, and there’s no clear path for him to win the Democratic nomination this time." However, Milbank believes that if Biden does run, he "would shake up the race and thereby lower the barriers for other, potentially better-positioned, candidates to join the fray." Milbank goes on to say:

"Previous nominees Al Gore or John Kerry could jump in, validating Mo Udall’s theory that presidential ambition can only be cured by embalming fluid. Mike Bloomberg could rejoin the party and put his billions to work in a shortened primary season. Populists such as Sen. Elizabeth Warren (Mass.) or, failing that, Sen. Sherrod Brown (Ohio) or Mayor Bill de Blasio of New York could reconsider."

Gore, Kerry or de Blasio? Excuse me, but where's my vomit bucket?

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  1. Once upon a time (2008), twice governor and twice senator from Indiana Evan Bayh could have run as a Democrat.

    The Party of Not Jefferson and Definitely Not Jackson
    no longer welcome to anyone who opposes Obama's Iran deal.

    [my rumour has it that General George McClellan will be resurrected as a Peace Democrat...casting call in progress]