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Saturday, August 22, 2015

Rouhani Bares the Lies in Obama's Letter to Jerrold Nadler

In his August 19, 2015 letter to US Congressman Jerrold Nadler, President Obama wrote in support of his nuclear deal with Iran (my emphasis in red):

"As I have underscored repeatedly, it is imperative that, even as we effectively cut off Iran's pathways to a nuclear weapon through implementation of the JCPOA, we take steps to ensure we and our allies and partners are more capable than ever to deal with Iran's destabilizing activities and support for terrorism. This involves deepened cooperation and information sharing with Israel and Gulf Cooperation Council partners; it also involves continued enforcement of international and U.S. law, including sanctions related to Iran's non-nuclear activities. With very limited exceptions, Iran will continue to be denied access to our market - the world's largest - and we will maintain powerful sanctions targeting Iran's support for groups such as Hizballah, its destabilizing role in Yemen, its backing of the Assad regime, its missile program, and its human rights abuses at home. Critically, I made sure that the United States reserved its right to maintain and enforce existing sanctions and even to deploy new sanctions to address those continuing concerns, which we fully intend to do when circumstances warrant."

This would all be very comforting were it not for the declaration today of Iran's "moderate" President Hassan Rouhani. As reported by Iran's Fars News Agency:

"'We will purchase weapons from wherever we deem necessary and we are not waiting for anyone's permission; if we deem necessary we will sell our weapons and we will do this without paying attention to any resolution,' President Rouhani said, addressing a ceremony held to commemorate the National Defense Industry Day in Iran on Saturday." 

Or stated otherwise, Iran will continue to import whatever arms systems they desire and then freely transfer them to Hezbollah and Hamas for use against Israel.

I can only hope and pray that Nadler, who has become the poster boy for Jewish Congressional support of Obama's risible nuclear deal with Khamenei, will never be reelected.


  1. Seems it was not #44's letter that tipped Nadler:

    "...The final consideration that led to his endorsement of the deal, according to the Democratic congressman, was the belief that the only alternative to the current situation – continuing the U.S. sanctions regime while using the banking system to threaten other countries from doing business with Iran – was not a viable option and useful policy. ...

    He added that his conclusion was reached after realizing that the Obama administration “was proclaiming form the roof tops that these would lead to economic catastrophe, and whether they are right or wrong, they believe it. They wouldn’t do it. And if they wouldn’t do it, that means that over the next 18 months that couldn’t be done. So, the only alternative which is doable, and supported by Israel and AIPAC, no longer existed.” ..."

    [The only way Nadler fails to get re-elected in NY CD10 is to not run. Hard to imagine a serious primary challenge except from the far left in what is a very liberal CD, from Greenwich Village to Columbia University, bits of gerrymandered Brooklyn (and Lincoln Square) notwithstanding. unless the Dems' civil war goes hot and very public in 2016. ]
    assesses the impact of gerrymandering to fundamentally transform Anthony Weiner's former CD.
    Splitting Borough Park into four CDs, to dilute the Orthodox vote, was part of that rotten gerrymander.

    Chuck Schumer, Bernie Sanders, and former GOP Senator from Minnesota, Norm Coleman, all graduated from James Madison HS

    Brooklyn. Go figure...



    interesting undecideds.
    "...A Quinnipiac University poll released last week showed that a plurality of registered voters in Brooklyn – by a 43-40 percentage point margin – oppose the deal, despite having voted to reelect President Barack Obama by 81 percent in 2012. ..."

    meanwhile, Khamenei keeps challenging #44 to a live fire duel...North Korea just proved (again) how easy that is...

    Perhaps we should all just wait for #44's Jewish podcast on August 28.