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Friday, August 21, 2015

Obama's Letter to Congressman Nadler: Where Is the Response to Iranian-Initiated Rocket Fire on Israel?

In a letter dated August 19, 2015 to US Congressman Jerrold Nadler, President Obama writes in support of his nuclear deal with Iran (my emphasis in red):

"As I have underscored repeatedly, it is imperative that, even as we effectively cut off Iran's pathways to a nuclear weapon through implementation of the JCPOA, we take steps to ensure we and our allies and partners are more capable than ever to deal with Iran's destabilizing activities and support for terrorism. This involves deepened cooperation and information sharing with Israel and Gulf Cooperation Council partners; it also involves continued enforcement of international and U.S. law, including sanctions related to Iran's non-nuclear activities. With very limited exceptions, Iran will continue to be denied access to our market - the world's largest - and we will maintain powerful sanctions targeting Iran's support for groups such as Hizballah, its destabilizing role in Yemen, its backing of the Assad regime, its missile program, and its human rights abuses at home. Critically, I made sure that the United States reserved its right to maintain and enforce existing sanctions and even to deploy new sanctions to address those continuing concerns, which we fully intend to do when circumstances warrant."

Well, as reported by The Times of Israel in an article entitled "Iran’s Revolutionary Guards behind Syria rocket fire, army says" by Judah Ari Gross:

"A commander of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards orchestrated Thursday’s rocket fire on northern Israel from Syria, military sources said late Thursday night, prompting an unusually strong response from the Israel Defense Forces. According to a senior Israeli security official, Saeed Izadi, the head of the Palestinian Division of the Iranian al-Quds Force planned the attack. It was carried out by the Palestinian Islamic Jihad, a terror group that operates mostly out of the Gaza Strip, but whose headquarters are in Damascus."

As a consequence of this attack initiated by Iran, is there now any talk from the Obama administration concerning the possibility of maintaining and enforcing existing sanctions or deploying new sanctions? Heck no! Obama has once again demonstrated that Iran can thumb its nose at the United States whenever it pleases.


  1. How has enforcement of UNSC 1701 gone since 2006?
    "History is full of agreements similar to the one just negotiated with Iran – agreements made on paper, but never enforced or carried out. ..."

    and now #44 might thinks the US military 'peacekeepers' in the Sinai are in too much danger to keep that written on paper commitment? Is not the threat in the Sinai to Egypt destabilizing enough to be a threat to the Israel-Egypt peace treaty?

    desperation breeds more desperation...

  2. Nadler succumbed to #44's letter, but Senator Harry Reid needs to talk with Adelson before any decision.

    Nadler was the WH #1 get because he has the most number of "Jews" CD. Expect some tension at Lincoln Square...

    However, they still teach critical thinking in New Jersey. Not so much in New York.

    "...[NJ1 Congressman Donald] Norcross’s decision to oppose the deal has given new ammunition to Alex Law, a progressive Democrat who is mounting a long-shot bid to unseat him in the 2016 primary election.

    “He should be supporting our president,” Law told Reuters.

    Norcross said even a personal appeal from the president probably wouldn’t have changed his mind.

    “What bit of information that I don’t have already could he have brought to light?” he told Reuters. "

    [is Lemmingism a better word for 'party loyalty'?]