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Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Islamic Revolution Guards Corps Navy Commander Mocks Obama

As reported today by Iran's Fars News Agency, Islamic Revolution Guards Corps Navy Commander Rear Admiral Ali Fadavi has "warned the US against taking the slightest hostile move against Iran." Fadavi declared on Monday:

"The western media are mocking at the US for speaking of 'on the table options' because the US always utters some words without the ability to materialize them and . . . we are ready to give such a powerful response to the slightest move of the US that it won't be able to make any other moves."

Sadly, Fadavi and his Revolutionary Guard friends know that with Obama in the Oval Office, they can get away with just about anything.

1 comment:

  1. especially when they are listening to him speak about how many thousands of young Americans he has sent into

    sorry, now he is saying Israel can defend herself from anything, except a nuclear Iran...
    deepen cooperation further - missile defense, info sharing, oy.

    parsing this "my best judgment [on what Israel needs]makes Trump easy - now that we know he did not know the Chinese built their Great Wall to stop the Mongols...

    torture redefined, still listening

    he just said Munich..."none of these arguments hold up"

    everyone except him gets it wrong, because W invaded Iraq, because we did not exhaust diplomacy before war.

    oh, now he's quoting Reagan!