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Tuesday, May 5, 2015

David Brooks, "What Is Your Purpose?": I'm More Interested to Hear From the Rioters in Baltimore

David Brook begins his latest New York Times op-ed entitled "What Is Your Purpose?" by observing:

"Every reflective person sooner or later faces certain questions: What is the purpose of my life? How do I find a moral compass so I can tell right from wrong? What should I do day by day to feel fulfillment and deep joy?"

Toward the end of his opinion piece, Brooks invites readers to send him their answers to the following questions:

"Do you think you have found the purpose to your life, professional or otherwise? If so, how did you find it? Was there a person, experience or book or sermon that decisively helped you get there?"

Do I plan to share my views with readers of the Times? What? You heard a noise? Yes, that's me trying to contain a guffaw as I contemplate the some 100,000 rockets supplied by Iran to Hezbollah in Lebanon, which are now aimed at my home. You see, I'm not a "reflective person." That, or I'm preoccupied with survival, which is possibly also a purpose in life.

Having said that, I would be curious to know what the rioters in Balimore have to say in response to Brooks's queries. A pity he can't provide us with their responses.

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  1. My theory since CNN's Ferguson riots is that most people filter their 'impression of the other' through stereotypes, e.g. 'all Jews are rich', 'blondes are dumb'
    That infects daily interactions everywhere, and all news coverage.

    (when I write "CNN's Ferguson", it is because CNN's 24/7 'news' coverage can create a false outcome, e.g. Tahrir Square meant all Egyptians were in a secular democratic protest, via Anderson Cooper's prism)

    As for Mr. Brooks? The NE is having a real spring in 2015 after a brutal winter, and no spring in 2014. He has NO concept of what happens when you are discarded by the American economy, so he is musing on life, the universe, and everything in such lovely weather.

    The rest of us are 'distracted' by Hezbollah rockets, or more basic life challenges...

    and beware of defying those stereotypes. If you are an American Jew, best to actually be you can buy protection.