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Saturday, May 2, 2015

The Washington Post, "Israeli leaders don’t meet with Jimmy Carter during Middle East visit": No Mention of What Carter Said About Khaled Mashaal

In a Washington Post article entitled "Israeli leaders don’t meet with Jimmy Carter during Middle East visit," William Booth writes:

"In East Jerusalem on Saturday, Carter, 90, said that he and his traveling companion, former Norwegian prime minister Gro Harlem Brundtland, did not ask for a meeting with Netanyahu or his cabinet because they assumed they would be rebuffed as past requests were.

'It would be a waste of time to ask,' Carter said.

. . . .

Carter advocates negotiations with Hamas, a group that the United States and Israel consider a terror organization."

But now have a look at an article entitled "Carter says Hamas leader committed to peace, Netanyahu not" in today's Times of Israel, which reports:

"Carter, who cancelled a planned visit to Gaza on this trip, said Saturday he 'deplored' criminal acts by members of Hamas, but said he was looking to support moderate members of the group, which he said wasn’t a terrorist organization.

'I don’t believe that he’s a terrorist. He’s strongly in favor of the peace process,' Carter said of Hamas politburo chief Khaled Mashaal."

Mashaal, who was responsible for launching 4,000 rockets at Israeli towns and cities during 2014 is not a terrorist and strongly favors the peace process? Yeah, right.

But more to the point, why does The Washington Post make reference to Carter's contempt for Netanyahu, but fail to report Carter's declaration regarding Mashaal in the above-mentioned article? Has this no relevance to the refusal of Israeli leaders to meet with Jimmy?

Let's see what the editors of WaPo have to say in this regard.


  1. Slightly off topic.
    Somehow I missed the fact that both Khamenei and Abbas are graduates of the infamous Patrick Lumumba Institute in Moscow which has trained "the leaders of the people" (i.e. terrorist for decades) with lifelong KGB connections.

  2. I am sorry, I have to correct my comment:
    The end should be, of course:
    ...which has trained "the leaders of the people" (i.e. terrorists with lifelong KGB connections) for decades

  3. Why is it so difficult for 'one-world' Westerners to accept the idea of Political Islam as Theocracy, with an entirely different worldview?

    At some point, it must be physically painful trying to keep all those brains tuned to their one meme, to
    'undo white privileged colonialism' [even if it means killing all the Jews]