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Friday, May 15, 2015

Obama Claims Chlorine "Historically Has Not Been Listed as a Chemical Weapon": Liar!

Attempting to explain why the US has not responded to the use of chlorine by the Assad regime against Syrian civilians, President Obama declared yesterday at Camp David:

"[W]e have seen reports about the use of chlorine in bombs that had the effect of chemical weapons. Chlorine itself historically has not been listed as a chemical weapon, but when it is used in this fashion, can be considered a prohibited use of that particular chemical. And so we’re working with the international community to investigate that and, in fact, if we have the kinds of confirmation that we need, we will, once again, work with the international community and the organization charged with monitoring compliance by the Syrian government, and we will reach out to patrons of Assad, like Russia, to put a stop to it."

Chlorine "historically has not been listed as a chemical weapon"? Oh really? On April 22, 1915, the Germans released 168 tons of chlorine gas against French troops at Ypres, killing and wounding some 5,000 soldiers and punching a massive hole in the French line. Two days later, the Germans attacked Canadian troops northeast of Ypres with chlorine gas, killing and wounding another 6,000 soldiers.

Chlorine gas becomes hydrochloric acid in the lungs and can certainly be fatal.

Nice try, Mr. President.

1 comment:

  1. This is the best argument to ban lawyers from the Presidency. This one talks as if he is are still counting how many angels (pixies for the secular audience) are dancing on Assad's trigger finger...while praying for divine intervention by Serrgei Lavrov.

    fwiw, Israel better not use chlorine to clean a new bathroom in Ramat Shlomo, because you just know THAT will be a 'war crime'!

    :) k