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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

The Washington Post, "Does Rubio have a spending problem?": Rubio's Refrigerator on WaPo's Homepage

In an article entitled "Does Rubio have a spending problem?" by Sean Sullivan, which appears online on the homepage of The Washington Post, we are informed:

"In new disclosure forms filed by Rubio last week, he revealed that he sold $68,241 worth of retirement funds last September. Experts say such a move tends to reflect an extraordinary need for immediate cash, since it comes with a sizable tax penalty.

. . . .

In an interview on 'Fox News Sunday,' Rubio said that he needed 'access to cash' for personal expenses and in anticipation of running for president. He said he has at least two other active retirement accounts.

'My refrigerator broke down,' Rubio said. 'That was $3,000. I had to replace the air-conditioning unit in our home. My kids all go to school, and they are getting closer to college, and school’s getting more expensive.'"

So, Rubio needed to repair and replace his expensive refrigerator. Sound familiar? I recently had to replace my GE refrigerator which gave up the ghost.

Rubio is having trouble paying for his four children's private schooling? What a surprise . . . not! For many years our three children's upbringing constantly threw us into debt (yes, we always wanted the best for them).

Solution? Maybe Rubio's wife needs to be giving speeches on behalf of the Clinton Foundation. That would rectify their finances in the blink of an eye.

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