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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Robert Kagan, "Clinton’s cowardice on trade": The Silent Campaign

In a guest Washington Post opinion piece entitled "Clinton’s cowardice on trade," Robert Kagan, an Obama-friendly Brookings Institution senior fellow, takes Hillary to task for refusing to back the president on the Trans-Pacific Partnership. Kagan writes:

"As secretary of state, Clinton said and did all the right things. She supported the TPP wholeheartedly, for reasons economic and strategic. This was not a matter of loyalty to Obama.

. . . .

Yet now, when the trade agreement hangs in the balance, when the all-important question of 'trade promotion authority' was voted on in the Senate, Clinton has been silent, or worse, has quietly indicated her concerns about the agreement.

. . . .

Is that the kind of leadership she proposes to offer us? For a candidate who as yet faces no primary challenge, to cower in the face of possible criticism from the irresponsible wing of her party gives little assurance that she has what it takes to lead the nation in the very difficult years ahead."

Robert, in case you didn't notice, it's not just the Trans-Pacific Partnership. Hillary is not taking questions. She is running a campaign of silence.

"Is that the kind of leadership she proposes to offer us?" Yes. And according to the polls, she might just be elected president anyway.

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