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Saturday, May 30, 2015

Maureen Dowd, "Hooray for Hillarywood?": Does Hillary Have a Sex Life?

In her latest New York Times op-ed entitled "Hooray for Hillarywood?," Maureen Dowd tells us of her interviews of Hollywood "players," who support Hillary, but acknowledge "it's a forced march." Although many of the persons she interviewed preferred to remain anonymous owing to "the famed Clinton vindictive streak," Dowd did manage a quote from Bill Maher:

"'Who could have less to do with Bill Clinton’s sex life than Hillary?'"

But of greater significance, what about Hillary Clinton's sex life? Does she have a partner? Okay, she colors her hair, but with whom does she share a bed . . . if anyone? But then, I suppose we're not supposed to ask. Not about this. Not about anything.

Nicholas Kristof last week acknowledged in a New York Times op-ed entitled "Polluted Political Games":

"I’ve admired the Clintons’ foundation for years for its fine work on AIDS and global poverty, and I’ve moderated many panels at the annual Clinton Global Initiative."

Well, I sent messages to Andrew Rosenthal, Margaret Sullivan and Dean Baquet of the Times, inquiring whether Kristof was paid for moderating these "many panels," but thus far I have received no answer.

Hillary's personal email server while secretary of state? Why should anyone care, even if it was hacked by Moscow?

The stench emanating from the Clinton Foundation, and Hillary's refusal to answer questions regarding Uranium One? What you don't know can't hurt Hillary.

Does anyone in Lalaland have the courage to stand in the way of this tsunami, originating from a lust for money and power? Not a chance. Things like that happen only in the movies.

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  1. Wait for her medical records - will we learn if Hillary is taking HRT for post-menopause, or does she rely solely on hummus and crudites??

    As for Hollywood? Haim Saban held fundraisers, so she must be kosher, right? He forgot that 43-minute public phone rant about building permits in Ramat Shlomo??

    The rest of Hollywood just does not know what to do with no bench for the fracturing Democratic Party's nomination except the former mayor of Baltimore, Martin O'Malley.

    No one else seems to know what to do about the Clintons.

    Explains why Zakaria is talking about a dry and angry planet today - change the subject.