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Wednesday, June 3, 2015

David Horovitz, "No, Mr. President, you don’t fully understand our fears": A Must Read

In an op-ed entitled "No, Mr. President, you don’t fully understand our fears," David Horovitz, the founding editor of The Times of Israel, responds to Obama's Israeli Channel 2 interview on Tuesday.  Horovitz begins:

"Discussing Israeli reservations about the Iran nuclear deal you are so energetically pushing, Mr. President, you asserted in your striking, heartfelt Israel Channel 2 interview broadcast Tuesday that 'I can say to the Israeli people: I understand your concerns and I understand your fears.'

But here’s the thing, Mr. President: You don’t. And your interview made that so unfortunately plain. You don’t fully understand our concerns and our fears — not as regards the ideologically and territorially rapacious regime in Tehran, driven by a perverted sense of religious imperative, and not as regards the Palestinian conflict."

This opinion piece, detailed and powerful, must be read in its entirety.

Thank you, Mr. Horovitz.

1 comment:

  1. Yes, thank you.

    Except David Horowitz writes the truth, which does not fit Obama's worldview, based on his actions.
    The truth never penetrates the brain of a rigid ideologue.

    My question now is why does Obama think he is the closest to being the first Jewish president of the USA?

    Did he have a bris? I doubt least #43 tried to change those pernicious textbooks, probably because W actually knew the USA re-wrote the texbooks for use in Germany and Japan after WW2.

    Too bad no attention is paid to the Nazi roots of the PLO...they should get the same re-education.