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Tuesday, June 9, 2015

New York Times, "Rubios on the Road Have Drawn Unwanted Attention": Hillary Hasn't Driven Since 1996!

As reported in a New York Times article entitled "Rubios on the Road Have Drawn Unwanted Attention" by Alan Rappeport and Steve Eder:

"According to a search of the Miami-Dade and Duval County court dockets, the Rubios have been cited for numerous infractions over the years for incidents that included speeding, driving through red lights and careless driving. A review of records dating back to 1997 shows that the couple had a combined 17 citations: Mr. Rubio with four and his wife with 13. On four separate occasions they agreed to attend remedial driving school after a violation."

Oh my goodness, Marco Rubio has four citations since 1997! How can such a scofflaw ever dream of becoming president?

Honestly, it is hard to imagine that the Times has stooped this low.

Needless to say, the Times article does not mention that Hillary hasn't driven since 1996.

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