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Sunday, June 28, 2015

Ray Takeyh, "The payoff for Iran": Yes, There Will Be a Deal Paving the Way to Iranian Regional Hegemony

No need to hold your breath. Although the negotiations between the P5+1 and Iran will extend beyond the June 30 deadline, a deal will be reached several days thereafter. You see, Iran needs the $50 billion signing bonus to fund its international terror network, but it will first squeeze everything it can from a naive, indulgent Obama administration.

I can also promise that Iran will breach the agreement several days thereafter, paving the way to an Iranian nuclear arsenal years before the expiration of the 10-year sunset clause, although it may take the US months to catch on. And if Obama is still president, he will do nothing about it.

Ray Takeyh, a senior fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations, concludes regarding the soon-to-be-finalized deal with Iran in a Washington Post opinion piece entitled "The payoff for Iran":

"The much-discussed terms of the impending agreement with Iran thus offer the theocracy all that it wants. The accord would concede a vast enrichment capacity, as well as accepting both a heavy water plant and a well-fortified underground enrichment facility that the United States once vowed to shutter. It would permit an elaborate research and development program and would likely rely on an inspection regime that falls short of indispensable 'anytime, anywhere' access. In the meantime, the sanctions architecture will be diminished, and the notion of ever 'snapping back' sanctions into place once they are lifted is delusional. And because the agreement itself would be term-limited, there would be no practical limits on Iran’s nuclear ambitions upon its expiration.

However, as disturbing as all this may be, the most important legacy of the prospective agreement many not even lie in the nuclear realm. The massive financial gains from the deal would enable the Islamic Republic’s imperial surge while allowing a repressive regime that was on the brink of collapse in 2009 to consolidate power. This would be no small achievement for Iran’s emboldened rulers."

No "anytime, anywhere" access, and no snapbacks of sanctions"? Indeed, "no small achievement for Iran’s emboldened rulers," and part and parcel of Obama's devastating legacy to boot.

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