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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Michael Oren, "How Obama Abandoned Israel": Does "Abandoned" Include Unconditional Surrender to Iran?

In a Wall Street Journal opinion piece entitled "How Obama Abandoned Israel," former Israeli Ambassador to the US (now Member of Knesset) Michael Oren writes:

"From the moment he entered office, Mr. Obama promoted an agenda of championing the Palestinian cause and achieving a nuclear accord with Iran. Such policies would have put him at odds with any Israeli leader. But Mr. Obama posed an even more fundamental challenge by abandoning the two core principles of Israel’s alliance with America.

The first principle was 'no daylight.' . . . [I]mmediately after his first inauguration, Mr. Obama put daylight between Israel and America.

. . . .

The other core principle was 'no surprises.' President Obama discarded it in his first meeting with Mr. Netanyahu, in May 2009, by abruptly demanding a settlement freeze and Israeli acceptance of the two-state solution. The following month the president traveled to the Middle East, pointedly skipping Israel and addressing the Muslim world from Cairo.

. . . .

The abandonment of the 'no daylight' and 'no surprises' principles climaxed over the Iranian nuclear program."

In fact, notwithstanding the disagreement of US Ambassador Dan Shapiro who would have us know that Oren simply wants to sell books, the "abandonment of the 'no daylight' and 'no surprises' principles" has yet to climax. As reported today by DEBKAfile:

"DEBKAfile’ sources reveal that Washington is preparing to give way on the snap inspections mandated by the Additional Protocol, and agree to limit inspections to facilities unilaterally designated 'nuclear' by Tehran and only after two weeks' notice.

But President Obama has made his most substantial concession yet, by accepting Tehran’s demand to divide the final accord into two parts. The first would be made public and the second, carrying the technical protocols, would be confidential. The senior US negotiator Undersecretary Wendy Sherman fought hard to have both parts of the accord released, explaining that the president could not otherwise get it through Congress. But she was overruled.

The US president has employed the same stratagem on the issue of sanctions. While declaring that they will not be lifted until Iran complies with its commitments, he has allowed American companies to enter into business negotiations with Iranian firms."

Or stated otherwise, if DEBKAfiles's sources are correct, a vindictive Obama, anxious to get even with Bibi, has unconditionally surrendered to Iran. Do you remember how Obama and friends repeatedly pledged, "No deal is better than a bad deal"? Bullshit!


  1. Let's review. The inspections are to be limited.Iran will be the one to say which facilities are nuclear.(Of course,this also implies the existence of covert facilities,but what does Obama care about those?His intention is to give them whatever they want,with a deal that is nothing but a farce,while running his own name up the flag pole as some sort of peace maker)Add to that,they want two weeks notice,just in case they have something going on in those acknowledged facilities,and need a few weeks to move the items elsewhere).Add to that,any teeth that the deal might have in the form of sanctions,will quietly melt away......Just insane.

  2. If the post-modernist really wants to undo the past shaped by "imperialist aggressors", Obama really should have started with insisting the Vikings stop colonizing Normandy, in his Nobel Peace Prize acceptance speech in Oslo.

    Not that we can expect consistency from one who thinks he is the first "Jewish" president...

    Things could change, if PM Netanyahu announced he is really a blonde woman named Charlotte...who is really from Africa...and will always ban shale fracking...

    such is the legacy of that change we all were allegedly waiting for...