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Monday, June 29, 2015

The Washington Post, "Israel intercepts Gaza-bound aid ship in Mediterranean": An Aid-Ship Carrying No Aid?

Currently on the Washington Post homepage under "More Headlines," there is a link "Israel intercepts Gaza-bound aid ship" which takes you to the article "Israel intercepts Gaza-bound aid ship in Mediterranean" by William Booth. Booth states in his article:

"The Swedish-registered Marianne of Gothenburg was attempting to enter Israeli-controlled waters in the Mediterranean Sea and deliver aid packages to Gaza."

Israeli Defense Minister Ya'alon, however, has declared there was no aid aboard the said ship.

In today's brave new world, are there "aid-ships" carrying no aid?

I asked WaPo to correct (I copied Martin Baron on the email), and let's see if they are willing to address this egregious blunder.

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  1. hmm. seems biased against Booth at WaPo. This is what I found, very well stated:

    "...Defense Minister Moshe Ya'alon added: "This flotilla was not a humanitarian one and was not concerned for anyone's welfare. The participants' desire was to continue the campaign of Israel's de-legitimization. This is part of the spectacle of hypocrisy and lies of various bodies in the world, which prefer to strengthen and support a ruthless terrorist organization like Hamas. There is no siege on Gaza, and Israel is the only entity in the region that allows a constant entry of various commodities and the carrying out of humanitarian projects. But we have no intention of allowing any entity to smuggle weapons that will be directed against us." ...",7340,L-4673887,00.html

    "...The Prime Minister's Office on Sunday published a missive to be given to the activists upon their arrival.

    "It looks like you took a wrong turn," read the letter. "Perhaps you meant to sail to a place not far from here - Syria. Where Assad's regime is slaughtering its people on a daily basis, and this is done with the support of Iran's murderous regime." ..."

    [Seems this year, most media sees ISIS as the Great Occupier, destroying antiquities. Hamas finds their sequels never sell as well as the first act ...]