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Monday, June 15, 2015

Paul Krugman, "Democrats Being Democrats": Where Were the African-Americans at Roosevelt Island?

Informing us that "centrist" voters "don't exist" and that "Democrats are adopting ideas that work and rejecting ideas that don’t, whereas Republicans are doing the opposite," Paul Krugman, in his latest New York Times op-ed entitled "Democrats Being Democrats," would have us know that Democrats no longer seem afraid "to endorse clearly progressive positions." Krugman's explanation for this phenomenon:

"Part of the answer is that Democrats, despite defeats in midterm elections, believe — rightly or wrongly — that the political wind is at their backs. Growing ethnic diversity is producing what should be a more favorable electorate; growing tolerance is turning social issues, once a source of Republican strength, into a Democratic advantage instead."

"Growing ethnic diversity"? Interesting.

Krugman's conclusion:

"Of course, changes in ideology matter only to the extent that they can influence policy. And while the electoral odds probably favor Mrs. Clinton, and Democrats could retake the Senate, they have very little chance of retaking the House. So changes in the Democratic Party may take a while to change America as a whole. But something important is happening, and in the long run it will matter a great deal."

My response to Paul: Don't count your chickens before they hatch.

As was observed on MSNBC's Weekends with Alex Witt on Saturday:

ALEX SEITZ-WALD: It was a pretty enthusiastic crowd. There was, however, an overflow area behind the stage that didn't really get filled. Campaign officials say that was just a precautionary measure in case they needed more room. You know, I'd say a largely enthusiastic crowd, but they were not overwhelmed.

RICHARD LIU: And she was saying how she was going after the everyday American. But those who were maybe watching the background and who was there in the crowd, they didn't seem to reflect necessarily the everyday American per se, in terms of looking at diversity and those who were there, but, of course, that's just what we saw on the camera. What did you see there on the ground?

JOY REID: Yes, it was a predominantly white crowd. . . . I guess if you look at the Democratic Party as a whole, was this crowd as diverse as the party? No, it was not. . . . I would say on the diversity side, they were on the low end here.

Not enough African-Americans? Indeed. Moreover, without the African-American vote, Hillary is in trouble.

Can Obama help in this regard? Possibly. On the other hand, why should he, given Hillary's recently announced opposition to Obama's Trans-Pacific Partnership, and if there is anyone who is unwilling to forget a grudge, it is the president. Just ask Bibi . . .

1 comment:

  1. "...changes in the Democratic Party may take a while to change America as a whole..."

    Does PaulK not comprehend that this Democratic Party has lost credibility with more than half the electorate who really, really, do NOT accept Identity Politics as a governing ideology?

    Maybe that was his code for wait for more old white people to die...

    As for the diversity problem with Roosevelt Island, most difficult part of NYC to access? Probably wanted to make sure no observant Jews showed up on Shabbos;

    and the campaign forgot to insure quotas of minorities needing transportation would be strategically placed...

    Besides, Hillary needed people to shop the Hillary Store - meaning DONATION EVENT!