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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Dana Milbank, "Congress declares war at Netanyahu’s request": Foisting the Canard That the US Is Being Forced to Fight Israel's Wars

Responding to Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu's speech before Congress, Dana Milbank, in a Washington Post opinion piece entitled "Congress declares war at Netanyahu’s request," concludes:

"But he quickly turned his fire on Obama, saying the deal his administration was negotiating would 'all but guarantee' that Iran gets nuclear weapons. The prime minister demanded more favorable terms. 'If Iran threatens to walk away from the table — and this often happens in a Persian bazaar — call their bluff,' he counseled. 'They’ll be back, because they need the deal a lot more than you do.'"

And if Bibi is wrong? No problem for him: The Israeli leader will have committed the United States to war with Iran."

Netanyahu will have committed the US to war with Iran? I don't think so. How about simply reimposing strict sanctions, which might force Khamenei to abandon his nuclear weapons ambitions with the stroke of Obama's pen?

But I think it should also be noted that Milbank is foisting the anti-Semitic canard that Netanyahu wants the US to fight Israel's wars. In fact, should there be a war, Israel will be facing the combined arsenals of Hamas from Gaza (more than 10,000 rockets), Hezbollah from Lebanon (some 70,000 missiles of all varieties), Assad from Syria (advanced Scuds), and Khamenei from Iran (medium and long-range ballistic missiles). If there is fighting to do, particularly ground fighting in Gaza and Lebanon, it will be done by Israel and not by US forces.


  1. I have a question: "Why is Obama (a liberal/progressive) so nice to theocratic/Jihadist/caliphatic Iran?

    1. one answer: the prevailing world-view based on post-modern multiculturalism, and the "progressive" view that all "imperialism" was evil, and "white men" must repent their "privilege".

      something llike that. Watch the opening to the film "Argo", for blaming the USA/British coup that replaced Mossadegh with the last Shah as the reason for Iran's declaration of war on the USA in 1979. (a declaration of war that seems to have escaped Obama's attention).

      My second theory is that Obama actually believes he is the missing Twelfth Imam, and knows for sure that the Islamic Republic of Iran would never nuke Israel because the Twelvers need Jerusalem intact for their apocalypse. (it is a theory)

      My question is why any American should ever vote for another "Democrat" for national office unless they can prove they studied history somewhere where history has not been mangled into a post-modern theory based on William Morris' radical socialist utopia "News from Nowhere", which ultimately gave birth to Tolkien's "Lord of the Rings", wherein there is no choice but to destroy Evil.

      Of course, Tolkien did not worry about Rules of Engagement circa 2015, ROEs that employ more lawyers than shooters.


  2. I see similarities between then and now.
    1939. Stalin: "We must be nice to Hitler - let's sign."
    2015. Obama: "We must be nice to Iran - let's sign."