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Monday, March 2, 2015

Richard Cohen, "Israel’s moral argument is on the line": Sorry, Dick, It's Your Morality That I Question!

On the eve of Netanyahu's speech before Congress, Richard Cohen, in a Washington Post opinion piece entitled "Israel’s moral argument is on the line," writes:

"Iran may or may not be the existential threat to Israel that Netanyahu insists it is. But a lessening of U.S. support for Israel certainly would be. With an indifferent America, Israel would become a lonely, frightening place. Its chief export would not be high tech, but people looking to get out — Jews once more on the go. This is hardly the settlements policy that Netanyahu intends."

"Iran may or may not be the existential threat to Israel that Netanyahu insists it is"? Forgive me for repeating myself, but when a regime that
  • stones to death women accused of adultery,
  • hangs homosexuals,
  • persecutes Baha'is,
  • oppresses Kurds,
  • abuses Sunni Muslims,
  • funds Hezbollah,
  • funds Hamas,
  • supports Assad,
  • brutally quashes political opposition, 
  • murders Jews in distant Argentina,
  • and persistently calls for the annihilation of Israel,
is being given the right by Obama to manufacture nuclear weapons within a decade, this is not a threat to Israel? Add to all this the fact that Obama is not even attempting to rein in Iran's development of ICBMs.

With an indifferent America, Jews would be flocking to leave Israel? Here, I must rein myself in and avoid the use of expletives. Suffice it to say, that since Israel declared its independence n 1948, it has constantly faced existential threats and war, and we're still standing. Sorry to disappoint you, Dick, my family and I are not leaving, no matter what you say!


  1. I can't understand scoundrelism. I checked this bozo's age and yes, he is 74. I don't understand him. I don't understand Feinstein. I don't understand Al Franken who is skipping Netanyahu's speech.
    These are not people who behave scoundrelishly/opportuniscally to feed their babies. Wealthy and privileged, they have choices. Of all the choices, they've chosen the path of scoundrelism. BTW, please note how long all these sick individuals stay on their jobs, depraving really qualified individuals any chance of providing for their families. Evil, selfish old geezers pretending to be human.

  2. Assuming JG will be using even more expletives after he hears congressperson yarmuth, d, KY, compare PM Netanyahu to former VP Cheney, after yarmuth et al skipped the speech. The most reprehensible partisan slime-fest ever perpetrated by a democrat since ... ever?

    Shout-out to Schumer: sitting next to Menendez during PM Netanyahu's speech will NOT save whatever shred of credibility you still have.

    fwiw, this slimefest by democrats signals the big fracture of what has become a political party that only sees skin color, sex, or money - American Jews should stop funding these liars and then they will see they have been betrayed, again, by the democratic party of bigots.

    sorry, i really had no idea these boycotting dems were a political hit squad of liars until they started talking after...

    expletives deleted.



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