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Saturday, March 14, 2015

Maureen Dowd, "An Open Letter to": Headed for Junk Mail

Searching for an epic op-ed to enliven an otherwise saturnine Sunday? Go to Maureen Dowd's latest New York Times op-ed entitled "An Open Letter to," in which Dowd takes aim at Hillary's queen-sized derrière. Dowd begins:

"SINCE open letters to secretive and duplicitous regimes are in fashion, we would like to post an Open Letter to the Leaders of the Clinton Republic of Chappaqua:

It has come to our attention while observing your machinations during your attempted restoration that you may not fully understand our constitutional system. Thus, we are writing to bring to your attention two features of our democracy: The importance of preserving historical records and the ill-advised gluttony of an American feminist icon wallowing in regressive Middle Eastern states’ payola."

A few paragraphs down, Dowd continues:

"Instead of raising us up by behaving like exemplary, sterling people, you bring us down to your own level, a place of blurred lines and fungible ethics and sleazy associates. Your family’s foundation gobbles tens of millions from Saudi Arabia and other repressive regimes, whose unspoken message is: 'We’re going to give you money to go improve the world. Now leave us alone to go persecute women.'"

But does it matter? Will a viable senator or governor summon the courage to challenge Hillary in the Democratic primaries? Will this latest email scandal prevent any Democrat from casting his/her ballot for a person with no achievements as First Lady, senator or secretary of state? Not a chance.

You see, Dowd's missive is headed for junk mail, inasmuch as the specter of the Clintons' return to the White House is of America's own making.

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  1. Any email to Hillary automatically generates an endless stream of return mail asking for donations. Really.

    My theory on Jeb Bush's entry was to keep Romney and Christie out of the GOP primaries, AND to remind Americans of that dynasty issue: Clinton and Bush fatigue.

    There are NO "viable senator or governor" Democratic challengers for 2016, especially since the Dems have already decided to elect a female no matter what. Anyone who can win a primary can not win the general.

    Worst system ever: Endless campaign, endless spin, too many lies, and way too many whispers.