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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

John Kerry: Sanctions Regime Cannot Be Enforced If Talks With Iran Fail

US Secretary of State John Kerry has effectively admitted that the US is agreeing to all of Iran's demands in its current negotiations over Tehran's nuclear development program, because its P5+1 partners are prepared to agree to Khamenei's demands. As reported by Iran's PressTV, Kerry told the Global Chief of Missions meeting at the State Department in Washington on Wednesday, March 25:

"What happens if, as our critics propose, we just walk away from a plan that the rest of the world were to deem to be reasonable? That could happen. Well, the talks would collapse. Iran would have the ability to go right back spinning its centrifuges and enriching to the degree they want, if they want, if that's what they choose. And the sanctions will not hold, because those other people who deem the plan to be reasonable will walk away and say, 'You do your thing, we’ll do ours.'"

Or in other words, American foreign policy is now being dictated by Russia, China and European corporations hungry for renewed trade with Iran.

Not surprisingly, this dramatic revelation is not being covered by any of America's leading media outlets.

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