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Monday, March 2, 2015

Rawabi: An Ugly Washington Post Falsehood on the Eve of Netanyahu's Speech to Congress

On the eve of Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu's speech before Congress, The Washington Post's homepage is currently highlighting a six-day old video, telling us that Israel is refusing to provide Rawabi, a newly-built Palestinian city, with water. However, this problem was resolved several days ago. Why does WaPo persist with this story? As you can see below, I have contacted Martin Baron, WaPo's editor, and let's see what he has to say:

Dear Martin,

We have corresponded in the past.


On your homepage, you are currently highlighting a video entitled "A Palestinian city caught in conflict" (, concerning the newly-built Palestinian city of Rawabi, which, according to WaPo, is being denied water by Israel.


However, as noted in a Feb. 1, 2015 Times of Israel article entitled "Palestinian city plans to move forward after water deal" (, this problem was resolved several days ago.

See also the Boston Globe article entitled "Netanyahu OK’s water link to new Palestinian city" (

I question why WaPo is running this incorrect story on its homepage hours before Netanyahu's speech to Congress.


Yours sincerely,


[The link to the video on "post tv" is now gone. Mr. Baron very graciously responded to my email and informed me that upon opening my email, he didn't see the video on the homepage. Mr. Baron also indicated that WaPo had promptly and prominently reported that Israel had agreed to supply water to Rawabi.]

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