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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Iran's "Moderate" President Rouhani Threatens "Faster Progress of Iran's Peaceful Nuclear Program"

Following Netanyahu's speech before Congress, Iran's so-called "moderate" President Rouhani is demanding that the P5+1 ignore the Israeli prime minister's warnings and reach immediate agreement with Iran regarding its nuclear development program. A Fars New Agency article entitled "President Rouhani: Iran Accepts Only Good Deal with Powers" informs us:

"Rouhani downplayed the effectiveness of Netanyahu's remarks against Iran, and said, 'We are after a win-win, balanced and durable agreement and such an agreement with such features will benefit the region and the world.'

Noting that the G5+1 is facing two choices, he said it should either reach an agreement and understanding with Iran within the framework of logic and the international regulations as soon as possible, or 'deny the realities on the ground and, as a result, witness even a faster progress of Iran's peaceful nuclear program'."

"Witness even a faster progress of Iran's peaceful nuclear program"? "Peaceful"? Yeah, right.

This is not a pistol being pointed at America's head?

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