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Saturday, March 14, 2015

New York Times Editorial, "Turkey’s Drift From NATO": Is Erdogan Still Obama's Best Overseas Friend?

In an editorial entitled "Turkey’s Drift From NATO," The New York Times has finally gotten around to warning us of developments in Turkey. The editorial states:

"On crucial issues — from fighting the Islamic State to fielding integrated defense systems, which share information and operate together, to standing firm against Russian aggression in Ukraine — President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and his government either are not cooperating fully or are acting in outright defiance of NATO’s priorities and interests. Add the fact that Turkey under Mr. Erdogan has become increasingly authoritarian, and it becomes apparent that the country is drifting away from an alliance whose treaty says it is 'founded on the principles of democracy' as much as defense."

The Times editorial forgets to mention the newly established alliance between Hamas and Turkey.

Do you remember how Obama named Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan as one of his best overseas friends in 2012? Well, it would seem that Erdogan has now been replaced on Obama's friends list by Iran's Supreme Leader Khamenei, upon whom America's president is so desperate to bestow a nuclear weapons arsenal within a decade, in order to ensure his "legacy."

1 comment:

  1. Thanks, JG. I read the entire editorial. What is strange is that the NYT deliberately glosses over that NATO is primarily a mutual defense treaty, with no legal way to expel a member.

    If the NYT really is a direct-WH-leaker, sounds like they are working out a new storyline to find a way for the USA to directly work with Kurdistan?

    The timing of the NYT suddenly looking at Turkey in NATO is NOT a coincidence.

    My Orwell-Translator helmet is currently in rehab :).