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Sunday, March 22, 2015

Michael Hayden, Olli Heinonen and Ray Takeyh, "The Iran time bomb": Giving the Lie to Obama's Agreement With Khamenei

In a must read Washington Post opinion piece entitled "The Iran time bomb," Michael Hayden, Olli Heinonen and Ray Takeyh explain why the agreement being negotiated by Obama with Iran's Supreme Leader Khamenei will not prevent the mullahs from building an atomic bomb under the noses of IAEA within a year of contravening the terms of the deal. As explained by the authors of this op-ed, a lengthy "bureaucratic process would be necessary to validate" any such violation by Iran:

  • The US director of national intelligence would only go to the president after the Energy Department and national nuclear laboratories had, over the course of months, "sniff[ed] the data to be convinced that a technical breach had occurred."
  • US determinations would then be submitted to the IAEA, which would then engage in protracted discussion with Tehran to gain access to the offending sites.
  • The IAEA's verdict would then be passed to the UN Security Council, where Russia and China would ensure lengthy deliberations.
  • Subsequent UN sanctions, if any, would be too late in coming to affect the Iranian economy, after trade and investment had returned pursuant to the terms of Obama's agreement.

In fact, the enormous likelihood is that Russia and China would veto at the UN Security Council any attempt to reinstate the sanctions.

Or stated otherwise, Obama is desperately pursuing a sham agreement, which could provide the maniacal Islamic Republic of Iran with nuclear weapons long before the pact's sunset clause kicks in at the end of a decade, freeing Tehran to pursue its nuclear weapons development program without obstruction.

Is it any wonder that France is objecting to Obama's giveaway?


  1. I am not a psychiatrist, but have a strange feeling that Obama's doctors are not doing their job of keeping the nation aware of ...problems.
    I am not a psychiatrist, but I am several other things, and I have little doubt that Obama is a sociopath, now an unhinged sociopath.
    Yes, I am uncomfortable with this.

  2. Jeff, did you hear the news? Obama's Chief of Staff insists that Jews on the Jewish land are occupiers and that "occupation" must end.
    He guy looks like a visitor from hell.

  3. Daily antidote (DemJews are immune):
    "Under Mr. Obama, friends are enemies, denial is wisdom, capitulation is victory.
    Orwell would have understood the president’s upside-down thinking." By Bret Stephens