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Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Frank Bruni, "The Joe Biden Delusion": Honesty No Longer Matters

Yesterday, I had a discussion with a family member, who told me that she would be pleased if Hillary became the next president. "She's smart," she told me. "Yes," I agreed, "but she's also dishonest and unscrupulous." The family member, however, was ready with a rejoinder: "The emails were confidential, not top secret." Was I surprised by her response? Not in the least. You see, honesty as it relates to the Clintons ("I did not have sexual relations with that woman"), doesn't resonate with or matter to many voters.

In his latest New York Times op-ed entitled "The Joe Biden Delusion," Frank Bruni tells us that he hopes Joe Biden will not challenge Hillary for the Democratic nomination because . . . he's too honest and unconstrained:

"Where others say too little, he says too much. Where others depend on extravagantly compensated swamis to contrive their authenticity and coax them toward it, Biden needs help tamping down his irrepressible self.

. . . .

He rolls his eyes. He reaches out with his hands. He talks and talks, in sentences that sometimes go too far, with words that haven’t been weighed as carefully as they could be. The route from his brain to his lips is direct and swift. None of the usual traffic cones there.

Sometimes this is enervating. Mostly it’s endearing. For better or worse, it’s not the means to a promotion, not for this remarkable man at this remarkable time."

And if more surprises surface from Hillary's server? Can a $2.5 billion campaign deodorize the overpowering stench wafting from a river of raw sewage? Maybe, but it remains to be seen.

Go for it, Joe. If Trump takes the Republican nomination, this time you might just get lucky.

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  1. Yesterday, in the EWarren/Bernie! heartland, a young woman told me she was re-thinking Hillary because she had 'hired some lobbyists' and was 'weak on abortion'. No mention of those emails. I suggested she research why Texas has a more liberal abortion law than Sweden...

    As for VP Biden? Quite a task to purge the Clintons from the newDemocratic Party, which seems to be what is actually happening...

    no mas.

    Trump should have run for Mayor of NYC.