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Thursday, September 10, 2015

Khamenei: America Will Be Reduced to Rubble Within 25 Years

As reported by Iran's Choskhor News Agency, Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatolah Khamenei stated today that America will be reduced to rubble within 25 years. Khamenei's declaration followed his earlier pronouncement that "God willing, there will be nothing as Zionist regime by next 25 years."

Did Khamenei actually say this about the "Great Satan"? No (at least not to any media outlet). But what would be the response of Democratic senators and representatives if he had made such a declaration? Would they continue to approve of Obama's nuclear deal with Iran? Would they explain to their constituents that Khamenei's threat was pure rhetoric intended for his hardline supporters? In fact, they wouldn't dare.

Yet, notwithstanding Khamenei's prediction of Israel's demise within 25 years, Democrats remain apathetic. After all, Israel is half a world away, and who cares if a steadfast ally is being threatened by the removal of nuclear restrictions upon Iran over the course of the coming years? It's more important to flesh out the president's legacy.

Go figure . . .



    "...[Timothy] Snyder, a history professor at Yale University, is building on his 2010 book, "Bloodlands: Europe Between Hitler and Stalin", which highlighted the devastation visited upon World War II’s often-ignored but hugely consequential Eastern Front. But whereas Bloodlands examined Nazi and Soviet atrocities in Eastern Europe, Black Earth travels inside the mind of Hitler himself—a mind from which sprang the murder of 6 million Jews.

    ...What I’m trying to do is start from the top down, and say that the fundamental issue is not that Hitler was more of an anti-Semite than other people. It’s not a matter of just turning up the notches and getting up to a higher level of anti-Semitism. It’s a whole worldview, in the literal sense of the world. He sees the Jews as being the thing which destroys the world, which infects the world. He uses the term “pestilence” in this sense—the Jews have infected the world. They’ve made the world not just impure in some kind of metaphorical sense—he really means it. And so the only way to purify the world—to make things go back to the way they’re supposed to be, to have a natural ecology, to go back to this struggle between races, which Hitler thinks is natural—the only way to do that is to physically eliminate the Jews. ..."

    [today's antidote - sounds like Khamenei's view of Jews - to listening to Democratic Senators Franken, and now Markey pledging to defend Israel from the JCPOA by preserving Israel's elusive military qualitative edge, waiting for Menendez, and then, The Vote]

  2. two hours after The Vote, the phone rang.
    Seems the Dems want money to recruit new candidates so they can regain a majority in the U.S. Senate in 2016.

    expletives deleted ...

    they believe this shameful day was a political victory



    “All I was looking for was winning,” Pelosi said inside her Capitol office, adding that “Members by-and-large believed in diplomacy, giving it a chance, so it was a question of having people coming to their own conclusion.”
    it’s clear that Pelosi is not going to quietly allow Democrats to bash Obama’s work.

    On Thursday she tussled on the House floor with Rep. Eliot Engel, a New York Democrat, over speaking time. Engel is opposed to the deal and was offering tough criticism of Obama’s negotiations when Pelosi rapped him for going over time. "

    [final vote in the House is scheduled for today, 9/11/2015]