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Friday, September 11, 2015

Ruth Marcus, "Can we finally delete Clinton’s e-mail issue?": Say It Isn't So

Say it isn't so,
Everyone is saying
You don't love me,
Say it isn't so.

Everywhere I go,
Everyone I know,

Whispers that you're growing tired of me,
Say it isn't so.

- Irving Berlin, "Say It Isn't So," 1932

Ruth Marcus informs us in a Washington Post opinion piece entitled "Can we finally delete Clinton’s e-mail issue?" that it is time to put Hillary's email kerfuffle behind us. Marcus writes:

"I am not intimating that the e-mail issue doesn’t matter. It does, not only on its own terms but also because of what it suggests about Clinton’s instincts for secrecy and defensiveness and her seeming inability to learn from past mistakes. For six months, this has been like watching a political car crash in slow motion. Clinton and her team are guilty of political malpractice and chronic tone-deafness.

And yet, some perspective is called for here. We have been consumed, since March, by an episode that demonstrates bad judgment, not corruption or immorality, much less criminality."

"Bad judgment"? Yes, I guess that's what you call it when a Secretary of State uses a "homebrew" server that was most likely hacked by America's enemies.

No "criminality"? Why should it matter to Ruth that all of the contents of the server - at least those emails which are recoverable after Hillary wiped the server clean - have yet to be examined. The FBI investigation? Everyone knows that the FBI routinely investigates noncriminal matters . . . yeah, right.

But let's just follow Ruth's advice, call it "tone deafness," and say it isn't so. With Biden reluctant to enter the fray, there's just no Democratic alternative.

1 comment:

  1. "Can we finally delete Clinton's email issue?"
    The WE in this case is 78% of Democratic voters who still adore HRC.
    The rest of us say "not so fast!"