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Monday, September 14, 2015

Obama's Iran Nuclear Deal "Victory": Flouting the American Electorate

As reported yesterday by CNN in an article entitled "Poll: Americans skeptical Iran will stick to nuclear deal" by Jennifer Agiesta:

"A new CNN/ORC poll finds 59% disapprove of the way Obama is handling the U.S. relationship with Iran, and about half would have preferred Congress reject the deal. Few believe Iran will abide by its terms, and a growing number consider the country a serious threat to the U.S.

Most Americans think Iran will ultimately violate the terms of the agreement, with 37% calling that extremely likely and 23% saying very likely. Just 10% think it's not at all likely that Iran would break the agreement. Republicans (83% likely) and independents (58% likely) are more apt to believe Iran would violate the agreement than are Democrats (44% likely).
. . . .
Perceptions of threats from North Korea, Russia and Iran have all grown since April, but the biggest increase lies with Iran.
Nearly half (49%) now say they consider Iran a 'very serious' threat to the United States, up 10 points since April. [According to this poll, another 33% consider Iran a 'moderately serious threat.'] That shift came across party lines with double-digit increases in the percentage viewing Iran as a very serious threat among both Democrats (up 14 points to 43%) and Republicans (up 15 points to 68%)."

On Thursday, Senate Democrats filibustered a vote on Obama's nuclear deal with Iran.

Flouting the beliefs of a majority of Americans amounts to a foreign policy "victory"? Obama and his henchmen clearly regards voters, who twice elected him president, as bovine fools.

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    [after the official press release, quoting WaPo's Glenn Kessler]:
    "...But the polls also reflect declining support among Democrats. By the beginning of September, there was barely a poll that, outside the margin of error, indicated majority support for the deal, let alone “strong” support.

    Anyway you slice it, it is difficult to support the claim that there is “strong support” for the Iran deal among lawmakers and citizens. This is clearly a case of winning ugly, in the face of minority support among lawmakers and increasing opposition among American citizens. "

    ...Is this “strong support” anything like the “strong inspections” Obama promises will be part of this deal? How about Obama’s claims of maintaining a “strong relationship” with our ally, Israel? The Times of Israel wonders whether Obama can regain Israel’s trust after cutting this deal with their existential-threat enemies: ..."

    meanwhile, the media is focused like a laser this week on the angry 'outsiders', Bernie from Brooklyn versus The Donald from Queens, e.g., The Gladiators, #noBreadallCircus2015.

    Is that not enough information about the American people to understand why winning ugly is all that counts?