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Saturday, September 12, 2015

Maureen Dowd, "The Google Art Heist": Artsy Fartsy

Oh dear, the demise of culture as we once knew it.

On Friday, David Brooks, writing from St. Petersburg, decried the "withering" of Russian counterculture. In response, I observed that The New York Times had come under fire for creating an infographic listing Democrats opposed to Obama's nuclear deal with Iran and indicating the estimated percentage of Jews among their constituents. I asked if there would be even a single Times columnist brave enough to address this outrage, which suggests that Democratic opposition to the nuclear deal stems from Jewish influence over government and not from ethical considerations.

Apparently, Maureen Dowd will also not be opining upon this topic.

Today, writing from Paris in her latest Times op-ed entitled "The Google Art Heist," Dowd is preoccupied with the decline of the arts:

"[W]hen I heard that, building on its plan to digitize all books, Google had opened a Cultural Institute in Paris to digitally replicate and curate all art and culture on earth, I wanted to check it out. Europe is, after all, hostile territory for the Alphabet, with its highest court upholding an individual’s right to be forgotten and lawsuits looming over the tech giant’s suffocating business practices.

Despite the cheeky sign on the door of the grand building on Rue de Londres — 'I’m feeling lucky' — I wasn’t the only one with mal de mer."

The digitalization of all books? The replication of all art? Sorry, Maureen, but I would be more concerned about the worrisome resurrection, back in New York, of an ugly phenomenon which made its home in Berlin in the not so distant past.

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    "...Because, of course, when it comes to negotiating with terror states bent on Israeli and American destruction, it’s really all about the Jews. ...

    [from the report:]
    "...The Iran deal was the main focus of the call, which rabbis use to help plan their High Holidays sermons.
    Obama said he would stand by Israel on matters of security, but called on U.S. Jews as well as Israel to closely consider the Palestinian question.

    “There’s going to have to be some soul searching in Israel and the American Jewish community because they’re tough questions,” he said. ..."

    [seriously ?! #44's pivot to climate change, made so obvious by useful idiot Senator Whitehouse, D, RI immediately after the filibuster, too hard until the palestinians re-occupy Israel? just using guilt to get those campaign dollars flowing again??? ]

    Shana tovah as if it's 1938