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Saturday, September 12, 2015

New York Times Editorial, "Russia’s Risky Military Moves in Syria": Putin Should Follow the "Constructive Way"?

In an editorial entitled "Russia’s Risky Military Moves in Syria," The New York Times takes the position (my emphasis in red):

"Russia is obviously concerned about the fate of Mr. Assad and his regime, which is struggling to sustain an army after four years of war and is suffering such serious battlefield defeats that the state may not survive. The relationship with Syria dates to Soviet times and is one of Russia’s last levers of influence in the Middle East. Russia operates a small naval base at Tartus on the Mediterranean and is keen to preserve it.

Russia’s president, Vladimir Putin, may also be using the buildup to strengthen Russia’s hand in any political outcome in Syria and to constrain America’s military options there. The constructive way to have an impact is for Mr. Putin to drop his opposition to Washington’s and its allies’ insistence that Mr. Assad be replaced as part of a negotiated political settlement that includes a transition to a new government."

Having witnessed Putin's invasion of the Ukraine, we all know that by calling upon this former KGB officer to heed the "constructive way," he will now withdraw his troops in Jableh and Latakia on Syria's Mediterranean coast and, together with President Obama, pursue a peaceful resolution of the conflict that has taken more than 250,000 lives and displaced over 10 million people.

What are they Putin' in the water cooler at the Times?



    '...The West no longer insists on conflict resolution without Assad, while Russia no longer expects Assad to win the war. ..."

    Putin, in writing:
    “For every Jew, Rosh Hashanah is not just a salute to the priceless spiritual and historical heritage of their fathers,” Putin wrote. “During these days it is customary for each person to evaluate the moral outcome of his actions, to plan good deeds, to forgive, and to make amends for insults. And of course, in preparation for the festival, they help relatives, and serve and support anyone in need.”

    “For hundreds of years Jewish values were steeped in lofty purposes — the unification of people, to strengthen belief and mutual understanding. The religious Jewish organizations of Russia adhere to this ancient tradition, working tirelessly to increase peace in the community, to better the relations between different people, to develop fruitful debate with the other traditional religions, while fiercely confronting all manifestations of anti-Semitism and hatred of strangers.

    Obama's recording:
    “As human beings we’re not required to be perfect, but we are required to atone where we’ve fallen short, and to do whatever we can to avoid repeating the mistakes of the past,” the president stressed. “Faith is hard, hope is hard, peace is hard, but right now the book is open, not just for God but for us. As a community bound together by shared values, side by side with friends and allies like the State of Israel.”

    “Let’s write the next chapter in a way that speaks to the best of our traditions and the highest of our ideals. Let’s usher in a sweet new year, full of health and happiness for our families, friends and neighbors, whether they live down the street or halfway around the world,” said Obama. “Happy New Year to everyone and from my family to yours, Shana Tova.”


  2. hmm, perhaps the real deal was to hand off Syria to Russia, and Iraq to China in the quest to destroy ISIL.
    Too many timing coincidences.

    Ironic that the postmodern anti-colonialists of the West are enabling the great land empires that survived the hundred years war we are still in.


    The key footnote: 40. China National Offshore Oil Corporation (CNOOC) and Petrochina operate two out of four oilfields in southern Iraq while China National Petroleum Corporation (CNPC) operates the three oilfields, two in the south and one in central Iraq. EIA, “Iraq Brief,” Updated January 30, 2015,


    The Putin Solution

    What Russia is up to in Syria.

    Sep 21, 2015, Vol. 21, No. 02 • By LEE SMITH

    [makes sense on all points]


    land empires not static: with historical maps from Cyrus the Great to ISIS