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Friday, September 11, 2015

Russia and Iran Send Troops to Syria: Putin and Khamenei Call Obama's Bluff

On August 5, 2015, Obama declared in a speech at American University in support of his nuclear deal with Iran (my emphasis in red):

"But if we are serious about confronting Iran's destabilizing activities, it is hard to imagine a worse approach than blocking this deal. Instead, we need to check the behavior that we are concerned about directly, by helping our allies in the region strengthen their own capabilities to counter . . . a ballistic missile, by improving the interdiction of weapons' shipments that go to groups like Hezbollah, by training our allies' special forces so they can more effectively respond to situations like Yemen."

Well, as now being reported today by Reuters in an article entitled "Russia to U.S.: talk to us on Syria or risk 'unintended incidents'" by Christian Lowe and Julia Edwards :

"In recent days, U.S. officials have described what they say is a buildup of Russian equipment and manpower.

In the latest reports, two Western officials and a Russian source told Reuters Moscow is sending advanced SA-22 anti-aircraft missiles Syria. The system would be operated by Russian troops, rather than Syrians, the Western officials said.

Lebanese sources have told Reuters that at least some Russian troops are now engaged in combat operations in support of Assad's forces. Moscow has declined to comment on those reports."

And as also reported by DEBKAfile today in an article entitled "First Iranian marines land in Syria, link up with newly-arrived Russian troops":

"Iran this week sent its first ground troops to Syria, around 1,000 marines and elite troops of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC). They moved straight into Ghorin, a small military air facility just south of the port town of Latakia, and hooked up with the just-landed Russian marines at Jablah."

In fact, Putin and Khamenei are calling Obama's bluff, and the first invertebrate ever to occupy the Oval Office has no intention to "interdict" any military aid being sent to Assad, Hezbollah, the Houthis or anyone else. "Counter a ballistic missile" against Israel? In fact, Iranian troops are now on Israel's northeastern border, and the threat to Israel is now much worse than long-range missiles fired from within Iran.

America is in full retreat, and Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Egypt, Turkey and Jordan are watching in horror.

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  1. "The White House said today it’s not really sure what Russian forces are doing in Syria, but they’re definitely going to have a talk with the Kremlin about it.
    [at Fort Meade on 9/11/2015] ...
    Obama added that “the Russians are going to have to start getting a little smarter than they have been.”
    “Because they are threatened in many ways more than we are by ISIL,” he said. “They’ve got large Muslim populations that historically have caused a lot of problems inside of Russia. And the strategy that they’re pursuing right now of doubling down on Assad I think is a big mistake.”

    Lavrov said at a press conference that the onus was on Washington, which Moscow blames for derailing military-to-military communications between Russia and NATO after the invasion of Ukraine, to restart communications — or face “undesired, unintended incidents” in and around Syria.

    “We are always in favor of military people talking to each other in a professional way. They understand each other very well,” Lavrov said. “If, as John Kerry has said many times, the United States wants those channels frozen, then be our guest.”

    [Anyone who watched the U.S. House speeches before their vote on the JCPOA on Friday, heard too many senior Democrats, voices stumbling on the edge of senility, begging for diplomacy, not war, believing in their Leader, who spins words into different words, his own reality, a world where endless 'conversations' somehow ends all wars...yet surprised when reality intrudes. Russia now has overflight permission from Iran and Iraq, in order to reach Syria.]